Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recent Charcoals

                                 Cluster of Cypress, charcoal on stonehenge paper, 52x72cm 2012
                                          (C) all images copyright Kathryn Ryan
                                   Row of Cypress, charcoal on stonehenge paper, 52 x72cm 2012
                                        Charcoal no. 3, charcoal on stonehenge paper 52x72cm 2012
                                      Charcoal no.4, charcoal on stonehenge paper, 52 x 72cm 2012

                                  charcoal no. 5, charcoal on stonehenge paper, 52x72 cm 2012
                                  charcoal no. 6, charcoal on stonehenge paper, 52x72cm 2012
Working in charcoal was one of my first loves...I have always loved this medium and enjoy the intimacy, immediacy, and connection to the artwork being made. These days, playing some fave old music in the studio and doing charcoals again takes me back to my early days as an artist. It has been about 10 years since I have drawn in charcoal. Some of my most favourite works are charcoals from about 1999 that I have in my own collection. The years of busy exhibition schedules and the demand for the large oil paintings had kept me away from this beautiful medium. I am very happy to have reconnected and to be drawing again with charcoal. These charcoals will be part of my forthcoming solo exhibition at Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney, October 17- Nov 4th. I plan on continuing with the charcoals from now!