Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Works at Olsen Irwin WOP Gallery : Sell Out Show

I am thrilled to see my current solo exhibition, New Works, at Olsen Irwin Works on Paper Gallery, Sydney from August 11th - 25th has received a great response. The exhibition SOLD OUT in the first few days! Thank you to Edward Hoddle, Manager of the Works on Paper Gallery, 74 Queen St Woollahra for all his support and enthusiasm. The exhibition is open daily.Olsen Irwin Gallery 

There are several works in the same series that are currently part of my Survey Show, A Quiet Place at the Warrnambool Art Gallery, July 19 - November 22, which have also been sold, with one last South West Coast series charcoal still available from the survey show, through Olsen Irwin Gallery. Available Works

This is my first solo exhibition since returning to Australia after living fulltime in the UAE. On returning I was struck by the drama of my local coast line, the dramatic light and energy of natures forces. I developed a series in charcoal of the South West Coast, specifically the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road.

The twilight setting of local Pines was another of the scenes that resonated for me on returning. After years of urban and desert scenes, I was hungry for my nature fixes!

Having been based in the UAE the past few years, I am now dividing my time between Warrnambool in South West Victoria and Dubai. I have returned to the landscape that has always inspired me, the vast farming area of the Western District, with paddocks punctuated by cypress trees and hedges, acting as windbreaks, some now ravaged by time and the elements. The skies are large, clouds ever changing, the weather in constant flux and movement. I am overwhelmed by the fresh air after my years in the UAE and I am embracing the re connection with walking in the landscape, noticing all the details and being immersed in the changing weather, seasons, and landscape.

The rugged coast line of the Great Ocean Road is nearby. The drama of wild surf, iconic cliffs standing testament to the elements, and the dramatic shifting light is inspiring this new series of works. On returning , I was struck by the dramatic silhouettes of pines at twilight , the difference in the quality of light, more dramatic with the changes in weather. The cliffs of the south west coast, their shapes dramatically outlined against the shifting seas... I was inspired to depict these cliffs as silhouette shapes,  informed by my recent UAE art work with Arabic calligraphy and lanterns and to highlight their sensuous yet solid structure against the fluidity of the changing seas.

Returning to Australia in January 2015, I feel I have fresh eyes to see and appreciate everything anew. My viewpoint and focus have been influenced by my years in the UAE to notice all the detail, the way the light falls, the shape and form of nature’s details as well as taking in the overall effect of a vast landscape. Dividing my time between Australia & the UAE is full of contrasts, and perhaps will heighten my attention to detail and viewpoint.
Birregurra Pines, oil on paper 71 x51 cm 2015

Coastal Cypress, oil on paper 71 x51 cm 2015

South West Coast #5 charcoal on paper 71 x51 cm 2015

South West Coast #7 charcoal on paper 71 x51 cm 2015