Friday, November 14, 2014

Cypress Studio by Kathryn Ryan

Introducing Cypress Studio by Kathryn.....

Cypress Studio is my new platform for small artworks and prints.

My studio practice has focused primarily on creating exhibitions & large scale works for galleries over the past 28 years or so...Now I am adding another component to my studio practice, developing Cypress Studio as a place for  my small handmade artworks &  limited edition prints inspired by nature and a search for beauty. From intricate details to vast views of the landscape...finding a place for art, nature, beauty & inspiration in your home. Lots more to come from  Cypress Studio

Introducing my first collection of small signed prints now available unframed and mounted.
The Winter Paddock, Signed Print image 18x18cm on A4 heavy weight archival matt paper
Assorted B&W signed prints image 25x18cm & 18x18cm Mounted
Fence Line, signed print image 18x18cm

Assorted mounted signed prints

Assorted mounted signed prints

Assorted mounted signed prints
Lantern #7 & Lantern #1 signed A4 prints image 25x18cm

Assorted signed prints, on A4 paper

Assorted signed prints on A4 size paper

I am about to relocate from UAE back to Australia, so there will be more to come once my new studio is set up by the coast in Warrnambool, VIC 

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