Thursday, March 7, 2013

From Australia to the Middle East Radio Interview

 This is a radio interview I recorded earlier this year when I visited Australia, about the life of an expat artist in the Middle East....(I hope the link to the interview works), it was aired today on radio to coincide with an exhibition I am included in at The Warrnambool Art Gallery

From Australia to the Middle East Radio Interview

8 March, 2013 10:16AM AEDT

Kathryn Ryan - from Panmure to Dubai

Kathryn Ryan paints ghostly foggy pictures of south west landscapes while living on the other side of the world in Dubai.
There's a great contrast between the ghostly cool winter landscapes of South West Victoria and the intense heat and sand of Dubai, but it's one which Panmure born artist Kathryn Ryan faces with her work each day.
After growing up on a dairy farm in Panmure and training as an artist, Kathryn moved to Melbourne to follow her art career.
A few years ago Kathryn had a break from her art and started to write down some stories from her family which led her back to deciding to paint what she knew best - in particular growing up in the south west and the foggy winter mornings.
Kathryn was drawn to the 'quality of light' in those foggy conditions and the way shapes are highlighted.
Although the paintings have a photographic feel to them, Kathryn isn't interested in capturing the 'exact reality' of each scene, instead she uses them to get the feel of the landscape.
The process of creating each painting takes a very long time - as she explains she might have five paintings on the go at once, and it usually takes around three to four months to complete those paintings.
Kathryn moved to Dubai when her architect husband started getting work there.
It hasn't been an easy transition as an artist - there are some logistical problems including getting hold of art materials, and sending her canvasses to and from Australia.
The burgeoning artistic community in Dubai has also proved difficult to break into with Middle-Eastern artists being favoured.
Despite the challenges Kathryn has continued to work - using her air conditioned studio and paintings as a retreat into something more familiar and cool - for many months of the year it's almost too hot to go outisde in Dubai with temperatures regularly reaching 50 degrees in the summer.
At the moment, Kathryn's painting 'Winter Farm' is on show at the Warrnambool Art Gallery as a part of the rehang of their permanent collection.

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