Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dubai Interview: Societe Perrier : Capsule Arts Limited Edition Prints

My artwork has been selected by Capsule Arts, Dubai for their Limited Edition Artist Prints. The collection by 18 artists , will be launched in September 2013.

 I will have 4 original charcoals reproduced as Limited Edition Archival prints: two from my Arabic Lantern series and two from my Shadow Leaves series. 

In the lead up to the launch, Societe Perrier, Dubai are interviewing each artist, of which I am the first. You can see the article on the link below.

Here's the first interview from the Capsule Arts exclusive launch collection with Studio Kathryn Ryan Artist From Down-Under to Dubai Exposing Shadows on Société Perrier http://sperrier.com/10wj1Lz

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