Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kathryn Ryan, Shadow & Light Solo Exhibition 2013

Shadow & Light, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne October 8-26th

Here are some views from my recent exhibition, for sales inquiries  please email : ryan_kathryn@hotmail.com Also see Flinders Lane Gallery  
Kathryn Ryan, various charcoal on paper framed 2013  $2,500. AUD

"That which is seen, unseen. A blur, movement, light falling, light passing. Th transformation of what is known, what is understood. A mystery revealed, an opening in to another world. The detail taken out of context, the beauty of the mundane and ordinary taken to new heights.... Art makes us see things anew, in a different light, out of context, observing the familiar and unfamiliar, noticing all and transforming in to another realm, a new understanding or new light... " 
Kathryn Ryan Dubai 2013

My artwork is inspired by the quality of light, mood and atmosphere in the landscape and environment around me.For many years I have painted the South West  Victorian landscapes which are so familiar to me, capturing the wintery conditions and quality of light, evoking a calm and contemplative space. My oil paintings are built up in meticulous layers of paint and glazes over many months to achieve an depth and luminosity, harmony and balance.
Now living in Dubai, I have begun a new series of work responding to my environment, sense of place and quality of light in the UAE.
I have found inspiration observing the imtimate details in my local environment with the dramatic play of light and shadows, accentuating the organic and sensual nature of plantlife and Arabic Lanterns.
Kathryn Ryan Seed Pod1&2, charcoal on paper framed $2,500. AUD

Since November 2011 I have been working full time in my Dubai studio developing this new series on Light & Shadow in charcoal and oil painting. My charcoals are built up in layers of mark making and rubbing away to leave the essence of the evocative nature of light and shadows. As an expat living in the UAE, I am seeing everything with fresh eyes, noticing all the beauty and details in my new surroundings, taking the detail out of its everyday existence and highlighting the qualities of light, mystery and mood.


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