Monday, September 22, 2014

No White Walls Annual Show 2014

No White Walls Annual Show opens on September 25th, 2014 and will continue with a changing display until January 2nd 2015 . The exhibition is hosted by Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi, with the Opening Reception sponsored by Royal Jet, 7pm - 9pm. All Welcome!

 I am one of six artists exhibiting this year, alongside Julia Ibbini, Emily Gordon, Andrew Field, Yiannis Roussakis and Christine Allison. You may preview the exhibition on our website : No White Walls UAE

No White Walls is an artist led initiative based in Abu Dhabi, focused on developing exhibitions and visual arts projects around the Emirates. We aim to encourage direct contact with the artists and their audience, by providing a platform for engaging in the arts and adding to the cultural diversity within the UAE.

I will be exhibiting a new series of 7 oil paintings and 6 charcoal drawings under the theme of Nature, Light & Shadow.
installation of Dried Roses oil on linen

 Nature, Light and Shadow

Finding beauty: the intricacy found in details of nature, the shadows cast from plants, the patterns of shadows from Arabic lanterns...

With intense observation of the dramatic play of light and fall of shadows, my oil paintings and charcoal drawings reveal the organic & sensual nature of plants, taking the detail out of its everyday existence and highlighting  the qualities of light, mood & mystery. 

My oil paintings are continually built up in meticulous layers of paint and glazes over many months to achieve a depth, balance and harmony in the work. The charcoal drawings are also continually layered and re worked, rubbed back, built over again until a final balance and dynamic is achieved.

detail Dried Roses oil on linen 80 x120cm
Dried Roses & Shadow no.1-2, oil on linen 120 x150cm
Bougainvillea & Shadow no.1-3 oil on linen

Having been based in the UAE since 2011, my work has shifted its focus from the Australian landscapes series I developed over 20 + years and I have found inspiration responding to my local UAE environment, in particular my attention has been drawn to the quality of light and shadows and intricate details of nature found in my local environment.
installation of charcoal drawings

installation of charcoal drawings, Dried Rose no. 3 & Lantern no.6

installation of charcoal drawings, dappled Leaves no. 1 & Frangipani no.1

installation of charcoal drawings Suspended Lantern no.5-6

Kathryn is a professional artist, based in the UAE since 2011 and  has exhibited and practiced as a contemporary artist for over 25 years. She has been exhibiting with NWW since 2013 and also has prints available through Capsule Arts, Dubai. Kathryn continues to exhibit in Australia and is represented by Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne and Olsen Irwin Gallery, Sydney. Her work has been purchased by major public and corporate collections in Australia and private collections in Australia and internationally. She has been a finalist in numerous prestigious National Art Prizes for over 25years.

installation of Dried Roses & Shadow, oil on linen  no1-2

installation of Bougainvillea & Shadow, oil on linen  no 1-2

installation of Dried Roses no. 1-2, oil on linen

installation of Dried Roses & Shadow, with shadows! oil on linen 

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